October 29, 2019 Jim Schenk

I did quigong, an exchange of energy. I felt the sense of belonging, being part of the woods. The amazing oak tree excepting my released energy and sharing the energy of the woods. Not much more can be said.

As I left the woods, I looked up at our house and the houses around it and it brought up the awareness that it is nature too.  There is nothing on this planet that is not nature. It is all part of Earth which is basically what I understand as the definition of nature. We, and everything around us is natural. We can’t create anything that isn’t. We can experience nature anywhere we go, in ourselves as nature, and everything around us, whatever it may be. It is all Earth. We just have to stop and be present to it.

1 Comment on “Nature is all around

  1. Nature is great , I am an earthling mother earth is my home , I am a citizen of the world


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