JUNE 15, 2021  

It’s been almost a month since we have been in the woods together. Sitting under the Oak tree, feeling it’s energy flowing behind and below me, the beauty of the colors of green all around, the bird songs, the absence of Cicada songs, the creek – what beauty. A couple mosquitoes landed on me. As I killed them I thought of the wonder of these fully functioning animals in tiny bodies. How amazing.  I felt an strong sense of gratitude for being honored to be alive at this time, at this moment, an honored to be present in this woods, to be this woods for a period of time. Thanks to the woods.    Jim Schenk

Summer in the Ecovillage

MAY 11, 2021

Jim Schenk

The interns have started. I love the opportunity to share with them some of what I have learned about our connection to Earth. It feels so right to begin in the woods where the real wisdom of Earth lies.

Starting at the Medicine Wheel, recognizing and inviting in the energy of the Sun, of the Earth, the plants and water, the air and animals and the source.

I sat under the Oak Tree sensing me place as part of the woods. The birds singing, the creek flowing, the honeysuckle flowers blooming their hearts out. And of course, the lawnmower in the cemetery – we humans are all around.

As I leaned my head on the tree I sensed its wisdom. It didn’t take much for me to float into the article I wrote this morning about the new name for the ecovillage, recrafting it. But I soon came back to my surroundings, listening and being present to the life and energy that surrounded me that was becoming part of me. It was nice.

Camille Fitzsimmons

Going out into the woods, which I am not really used to at first was kind of a hectic walk. But as soon as I stopped and just listened around me it became peaceful. I felt the cold breeze and just listened to the birds chirping away. I also watched them just fly back and forth from trees. When I listened close enough, I could hear water running. Even though I could not see a waterfall or see a creek I knew from the sound that there was one nearby. Being out in nature today was very peaceful because all I could hear were nature sounds. It was nice being able to just be at peace with nature because even just less than a mile from where I was standing, I know that there is a busy road. Being out in nature like this morning made me feel like weights were lifted off my shoulders and I could just relax. Whenever I am able to go into nature and just hone into the woods my life is a lot more stress free.

Solace Fuller

I had to commute down to the Eco Community today. 45 minutes, mostly on a crowded freeway. I arrived at the house a bit stressed — it’s the first day, and I’m not overly fond of driving. I was promptly greeted on the porch by a very friendly cat. Her name is Bob. Inside was a friendly dog, her name is Bell. These two took the edge off the commute, and then I headed back into the forest. When I was younger, my parents’ five acres was only about half cleared, the rest grown up and laced with deer trails. My parents have since leveled the woods, and I was reminded today of how much I missed it. The quiet murmur of a creek, the chatter of a particularly talkative squirrel, the swish of plants against your jeans. They all took me back to — or maybe just placed me on their own into — a carefree state. Balancing on a log over the creek, looking at a stone wall thoroughly overgrown with moss, all troubles melt away. To find such respite in the middle of a city is a rare thing, but it ought not be.

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