16 July 2019             Today in the woods, I spent most of my time trying not to throw up. This weekend I had to take some time off work to fight what felt like was some kind of flu. I spent all Saturday resting in bed and trying to deal with my symptoms, and eventually [...]


July 17, 2019 Not depression, I know that feeling.  It was melancholy. Lots of things going on in the ecovillage that are bothersome.  These floated through my mind for a little while.  I stopped, and thought, I need to listen. Reading the book, The Overstory” has reinforced my belief that there is an energy in [...]


The woods this afternoon weren’t silent, but quiet.  It’s hot, it’s the early afternoon. A few birds chirping. The creek trickling. A very slight breeze moving leaves In the trees, but the grasses were almost totally still. Quiet. Being attuned to the quiet after working hard in the morning felt right. Sitting against the oak [...]


25 June 2019             Today I walked to my little cove by the waterfall and hammock trees. Along the way there, I seemed to get caught in every single cobweb that was in the forest. I slid down a hill of mud and fell into the river, soaking what felt like my entire body. When [...]


11 June 2019             Today I walked North until the path I was following ended. A little wooden bridge transgressed what was left of the river so I walked across it and found a relatively open area, clearly influenced by previous human interaction. There were several little teepees or leaning huts composed of small logs [...]