Life changes

10 September 2019             Today the woods reminded me of how life changes—how throughout our lives we experience the ebb and flow that is so common in natural phenomena. Recently over the past couple weeks, I’ve had more and more responsibilities come up… graduate school applications, signing up and studying for the GRE, practicing skills [...]


6 August 2019             Today the woods were still. Nothing stuck out to me quite like the stillness of it all. All around me the world was motionless—the wind wasn’t blowing around me, no leaves were dropping from the canopy, the birds weren’t flying above me. It was quiet—the river wasn’t babbling, the leaves weren’t [...]


Chi Gong again. In touch with life energy. As I finished and set in the woods, under the oak tree, the notion of death came alive. The human deaths in Lauren and Aaron’s families, the death of relationships in divorces we are experiencing and separations, and the death of plants in the woods. There are [...]