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Here is a great article about composting your old clothes (they have to be from natural materials of course).

Rights of nature

RIGHTS OF NATURE I have been thinking about the situation we are presently in. For me it is a call for change. If we don’t this will be only the beginning of a future that will radically change the human presence here within the Earth Community. And this change will be anything but pretty. We have intellectually separated ourselves from the rest of the … Read More Rights of nature

Last Days

29 October 2019 I know that these are my last few days in these woods. I’m not superstitious but a part of me believes I need to make the most of my last couple days. Exploring every last inch of the woods, returning to all of my old places, centering myself as much as possible, taking in every sense of the spaces around me. … Read More Last Days

Nature is all around

October 29, 2019 Jim Schenk I did quigong, an exchange of energy. I felt the sense of belonging, being part of the woods. The amazing oak tree excepting my released energy and sharing the energy of the woods. Not much more can be said. As I left the woods, I looked up at our house and the houses around it and it brought up … Read More Nature is all around

The woods are a constant

15 October 2019          This morning as I was walking through the woods well-covered by my several layers of sweatshirts and coats, it dawned on me that all throughout history of humanity, people have walked throughout the woods. However, in those times they would have been covered by layers such as animal skins and furs. In earlier times, even before America was settled by … Read More The woods are a constant

We are Earth, even if unaware

October 15, 2019 My mind wondered around, thoughts of personal events outside the woods while going back to thoughts and experience of the woods – the birds singing, the trees still green, leaves dropping, the breeze quietly blowing through. And, all of a sudden I became aware of the noises in the background, the human noises of traffic and equipment grinding away. What an … Read More We are Earth, even if unaware

Nature is always stronger

8 October 2019             Today was my first time in the woods in a couple weeks, due to my ankle injury after falling off a tree in these very same woods. It was a beautiful day—a calm, early fall evening. The temperature was perfect, the air felt fresh, no bugs were biting, the sun was gleaming—it felt wonderful to be back. Even though I … Read More Nature is always stronger

The place to be

October 8, 2019 A beautiful, calm, crisp day. A little rain made the leaves less crisp to walk on, but not enough rain to make the creek flow. It was nice having Lauren back being the woods with me. I felt enfolded in the woods; the birds, the trees, plants, squirrels, air, the sun on my face. I felt that this was the center … Read More The place to be

It’s an Honor

Sept 24, 2019 What an honor.  What an honor to be alive at this time in history. The oak tree I am under, the birds that are singing, the grasses that are growing, the rocks and soil – all are here right now as I am.  We make up the present Earth community in our woods, a woods we share. To be so honored … Read More It’s an Honor

The woods continue to amaze me

Sept 17, 2019 The woods continue to amaze me. Today I returned to my favorite spot. Along the way, though, the hillsides were covered in a delicate white flower that wasn’t there this time last week. It was a beautiful sight, a sign that summer is still ever abundant as fall peeks its head around the corner. Last week though, the hillsides were covered … Read More The woods continue to amaze me

What it’s all about

September 17, 2019 What a beautiful morning: birds and cicadas singing, trees changing colors, flowers blooming, sun shining, the breeze and temperature perfect for us humans. A beautiful morning to be alive. Doing a little Quigong – enters – a realization of the amazing energy of the woods. Also a realization that this is what life is about, our connection, our consciousness of this … Read More What it’s all about

Life changes

Sept 10, 2019             Today the woods reminded me of how life changes—how throughout our lives we experience the ebb and flow that is so common in natural phenomena. Recently over the past couple weeks, I’ve had more and more responsibilities come up… graduate school applications, signing up and studying for the GRE, practicing skills needed in the future, among other things. As I … Read More Life changes