Interested in a possible Internship in Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage and Imago Earth Center. contact Jim Schenk at For further information about the position go to:

New this Winter/Spring! Check out the 2020 First Friday : we have postponed the third Rights of Nature event – The Democracy School, which is a one day event looking at the rights of community and nature. It will be rescheduled when things settle down.

We believe that we are Earth, and learning to live in community can help us remember.

We need to see ourselves as part of this amazing Earth, not as the owners and users of the Earth.  Community Earth Alliance hopes to help people learn to fall in love with the Earth, which is really no different than falling in love with ourselves, because all of us are Earth.   We, CEA, have focused a lot of our energy on housing, the place where we live, but we also strive to see every part of our lives as a celebration of interacting with our fellow Earthlings.  How do we, with every action we take, enhance the Earth, and thus enhance ourselves?  This is what we need to learn to do in a culture that believes we can own the Earth as if it is separate from ourselves.  I am Earth and all the plants and animals, rocks and water, are all part of me and I am part of them.  As Thomas Berry says, “we are the Earth, conscious of itself’.  We can truly celebrate our deep connection.  We really are one. 

And this is what Community Earth Alliance hopes to share.  It is seeing ourselves in this community of humans but also of all species that will help us become aware of our oneness.

We especially do this through our assisting Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage to become a model of living sustainable in an urban setting. This is critical now with over half of our species now living in cities.

Jim Schenk, Community Earth Alliance Director