29 October 2019

I know that these are my last few days in these woods. I’m not superstitious but a part of me believes I need to make the most of my last couple days. Exploring every last inch of the woods, returning to all of my old places, centering myself as much as possible, taking in every sense of the spaces around me. It is a bittersweet feeling, knowing I won’t be able to come down to these woods every day, but also knowing that this forest has been a home to me for this last season of my life.

I can’t help shake an anxious feeling as I walk and pause in these woods—anticipation for my next steps, nervousness for new responsibilities, excitement for all my opportunities. Somehow, though, the woods are still able to provide a sense of calming and grandeur that only the woods can. And I know I will be okay.

❊ Lauren Nicole Geiser ❊

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