At Community Earth Alliance, we aim to provide Earth-centered education programs to people where they spend their time–in their neighborhoods, workplaces, homes, schools, and centers of faith.


These programs are organized around three key principles:

1. An eco-centric view of the Earth, reflected in the principles of deep ecology.

2. The practice of simplicity to enrich life and reduce personal impact on the Earth.

3. A dedication to knowing and protecting the unique places where you live.

Outreach tools will include a series of discussion courses. Other outreach tools may include lectures, conferences, written materials, workshops, and other events. Community Earth Alliance will collaborate with other organizations with a kindred purpose whenever possible to fulfill its mission.

At this time, the carbon footprint we are leaving on the planet is literally destroying the Earth’s ability to sustain us. One of the largest carbon footprint is our housing. We need to learn how to reduce this carbon footprint. For this reason, Community Earth Alliance is focusing much of its energy on educating people in ways to reduce their housing carbon footprint. This will be done within the eco-village neighborhood. To this end we have purchased houses, using the ecological rehab we do as an educational tool. Our belief is that most people learn best by seeing and doing.

The houses, once we have completed them, are going up for sale. The people who move in will automatically have a smaller carbon footprint.

What We Believe

I tell people we have thousands and thousands of residents of Hilltop Eco Community, about 250 of them are human.  We need to see ourselves as part of this amazing Earth, not as the owners and users of the Earth.   Community Earth Alliance hopes to help people learn to fall in love with the Earth, which means falling in love with ourselves, because all of us are Earth.   While we have focused a lot of our energy on housing, the place where we live, we need to see every part of our lives as a celebration and interacting with our fellow Earthlings.  How do we, with every action we take, enhance the Earth, and thus enhance ourselves?  This is what we need to learn to do in a culture that believes we can own the Earth as if it is other than ourselves.  I am Earth and all the plants and animals, rocks and water, are all part of me and me part of them.  As Thomas Berry says, “we are the Earth conscious of itself’.  We can truly celebrate our deep connection.  We really are one.  And this is what Community Earth Alliance hopes to share.  We believe Hilltop Eco Community is an example of how we can make our cities more ecologically friendly.

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