Come join us for the 3rd Annual Plaid Walk! It is this Friday, November 24th; 10:00 – 12:30.  It is a great alternative to what is truly, in terms of the Earth, a Black Friday.

Looking for an alternative to post-Thanksgiving shopping madness? Join us for the third annual Plaid Friday hike. We are excited to continue the tradition that we started with Park + Vine three years ago.

We’ll start our hike at Lydia’s on Ludlow in Clifton, and make our way through Clifton area parks including Mt. Storm, Burnet Woods, and Rawson Woods. Rawson Woods will be a special treat, as it is not generally open to the public, but will be open to us on the hike.

We’ll hike approximately 5 miles at a comfortable pace. Dogs and kids welcome. Bring water and comfortable walking shoes and your plaid!

To registration go to: –

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