June 11, 2019

It was a difficult morning to enter into my consciousness of the woods. Thoughts kept bringing me back to the everyday life issues.  I decided to pay attention to the woods around me.  What struck me was the amount of life that enfolds this space. Unlike dessert areas, concretized cities, even fields of corn, the amount of life is amazing. As I looked at the life, I also noticed the death. Trees fallen, leaves decaying, old plants browned. It was from this decay that life was growing.  It makes up the soil for plants, location for fugus to grow.  Life and death are so interdependent.  It focused me on my own death, how important it is for the continuation of the human species, but also of the planet.  There are already over 7 billion of us – the planet needs us to die. My grandchildren and great grandchildren need me to die. It makes death really okay.

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