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We Don’t Need “Good Paying Jobs”

Within our current Culture of capitalism having good paying jobs makes sense. We are told that money and stuff will make us happy, and if we aren’t happy, we don’t have enough money and stuff. Believing this, we desire lots of money so we can buy lots of stuff. Good paying jobs provide us with this. However, I believe our survival is going to … Read More We Don’t Need “Good Paying Jobs”

The Earth Is Speaking

I recently read an article about the Pygmies in Central Africa. For thousands of years they took great care of the forests they lived in. They listened to the forest and were able to improve the conditions of it, and receive the sustenance they needed to live. They believed the forests were an extension of themselves.  This belief is similar to other indigenous peoples. … Read More The Earth Is Speaking

Beginnings Are Slow 

We have a group of people strongly committed to the Rights of Nature, and in our case, the Rights of the Ohio River Watershed. We are CROW; Citizens for Rights of the Ohio River Watershed. We have spent many hours learning about the Right of Nature movement and how we can be involved in it. Tish O’Dell, members of CELDF, and others deeply committed … Read More Beginnings Are Slow 

Standing in Awe

Joseph Biden won the presidential election. It is a relief. With him we will have less bad. But, as William McDonough says in his book, “Cradle to Cradle”, less bad is still bad. We need to change the system. We need to change the way we think, the way we see things. We are in a culture where we believe that money and stuff … Read More Standing in Awe

Rights of Nature

RIGHTS OF NATURE I have been thinking about the situation we are presently in. For me it is a call for change. If we don’t this will be only the beginning of a future that will radically change the human presence here within the Earth Community. And this change will be anything but pretty. We have intellectually separated ourselves from the rest of the … Read More Rights of Nature