October 15, 2019

My mind wondered around, thoughts of personal events outside the woods while going back to thoughts and experience of the woods – the birds singing, the trees still green, leaves dropping, the breeze quietly blowing through. And, all of a sudden I became aware of the noises in the background, the human noises of traffic and equipment grinding away. What an amazing affect we have had on Earth. But the reality struck me, we are Earth.  That is who we are. Our difficulty is that we have forgotten that. We have placed ourselves away in four walls, on highways and concrete all around. However, these too are purely Earth. We surround ourselves with Earth, because that is who we are and what we have access to. But we forget. And we forget the music of the woods, the sounds of the whales, the power of volcanos and earth quakes – unless we are in them. We forget that we are Earth and totally dependent on being Earth. And because of this, we forget about the wonder of Earth. We forget the magic and mystery of which we are honored to be a part. And so we objectify the Earth, when in fact it is subject. It is us. Jim Schenk

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