8 October 2019

            Today was my first time in the woods in a couple weeks, due to my ankle injury after falling off a tree in these very same woods. It was a beautiful day—a calm, early fall evening. The temperature was perfect, the air felt fresh, no bugs were biting, the sun was gleaming—it felt wonderful to be back. Even though I was only gone a short time, the woods felt completely different. I left in late summer when the sun was sweltering, the soil was dry, and the bugs were inescapable. But now all that has changed, and I found myself enjoying every little aspect. I even had to admire the grandiose nature of these woods. Over the summer I have gotten comfortable here, finding my own place and making myself at home in these woods. But today the nature of this planet was reestablished to me as the leader. I am only one small individual in a finite population of one species on this planet, but nature is everywhere… and no matter how strong we become or how comfortable we get, nature is always stronger, and has complete control over my life.

❊ Lauren Nicole Geiser ❊

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