Sept 17, 2019

The woods continue to amaze me. Today I returned to my favorite spot. Along the way, though, the hillsides were covered in a delicate white flower that wasn’t there this time last week. It was a beautiful sight, a sign that summer is still ever abundant as fall peeks its head around the corner. Last week though, the hillsides were covered in a tall, bright yellow flower, blooming on every which side. This sight, too, was beautiful. The weeks previous, neither the white nor the yellow flowers were blooming. Instead, the ornamental tall grass with the fuzzy seed pods were dominating the hillsides, which was indeed beautiful. Every week seeing these beautiful blooms I have thought that maybe this was the end of  summer. But every week continues to amaze me. And even though the end of summer is rapidly approaching, the earth and the woods will continue to amaze me with its beauty.

❊ Lauren Nicole Geiser ❊

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