Sept 10, 2019

            Today the woods reminded me of how life changes—how throughout our lives we experience the ebb and flow that is so common in natural phenomena. Recently over the past couple weeks, I’ve had more and more responsibilities come up… graduate school applications, signing up and studying for the GRE, practicing skills needed in the future, among other things. As I lay in the woods on a horizontal log about 12 feet up in the air, I was pondering over these responsibilities. How different it is to feel like I have things to do and deadlines to meet, after a more relaxed summer absent of GRE scores and due dates. While I am not feeling stressed with these responsibilities, it does feel differently to have a different set of duties on my plate. Life is ever changing, always fluctuating and evolving, never stagnant and forever flowing onward.

❊ Lauren Nicole Geiser ❊

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