A summer of change is coming to an end, and leading into a busy year. My mind was full of thoughts this morning. Each one flying by like the birds singing in the distance. A new life has been brought forth to me by the growth of the forest and world around me. I have been taught many lessons by many people, each one allowing me to accomplish some goal in life. Perhaps the best lessons, reinforcements of qualities I already valued, are patience and perseverance. Both of these have gotten me through life, and will continue to help me through the many challenges I will soon face. The life ahead of me Will be different. It Will be independent and full of new and exciting adventures. The coming end of my educational pursuit will be followed by the pursuit of a career. An apartment will lead to a home, and a home to a livelihood. A brave new world is the one I will be facing, but I shall overcome. With patience and perseverance, I will overcome and I will prosper.

Aaron Fletcher August 13, 2019

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