Chi Gong again. In touch with life energy.

As I finished and set in the woods, under the oak tree, the notion of death came alive. The human deaths in Lauren and Aaron’s families, the death of relationships in divorces we are experiencing and separations, and the death of plants in the woods. There are also the gun deaths, the car deaths, war deaths, starvation – but in their horror they too open up an avenue to life.

 Death can be so hard. But it is the portal to new life. I personally may have 10 to 20 years of life left, but death is coming closer and closer.  It is in the joy of death that provides space and energy for new life – that is the aspect of death that I want to be in touch with. I love being alive, I find being human such an amazing experience. Hopefully, my own death will provide this opportunity to a new generation.

Jim – August 6, 2019

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