A starving stream is now full of the life-giving water that it craves. The ancient waters roar in the once dry bed, clearing the stagnancy that comes from drought. A show of power, the element that carved the valley we sit in reminding us that we are held at its mercy. The lord giveth, and he taketh away. We were given water, we had it and we asked it to stop. And then it stopped. It stopped, and it didn’t come back until now. A renewal of the earth, happy trees, happy flowers, happy birds, happy us. The cleansing has taken place, and now we can live once more. Unless the water we wanted back doesn’t stop this time. A promise was given not to destroy the world in water once more, but that promise was given by the Christian God, not Mother Nature. As we have been destroying her, she reminds us that the true power is in her hands. She created us, she created our world and has allowed us to explore the worlds beyond. Her creation is hers, and she can remove it as she pleases. Life is springing anew, and this should not be taken for granted.

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