July 17, 2019

Not depression, I know that feeling.  It was melancholy. Lots of things going on in the ecovillage that are bothersome.  These floated through my mind for a little while.  I stopped, and thought, I need to listen. Reading the book, The Overstory” has reinforced my belief that there is an energy in the woods we don’t understand. So I stopped, leaned against the tree, with the sound of the water flowing below and listened. “Do what is important to you, what makes sense to you. This is the place to focus: the book and podcast on the ecovillage, Enright Ave., EGG, the Earth Elder group, the interns.  As well as your family that swirls gently around you.” And, as the energy of the woods soaked into me the melancholy went away. The day looked much brighter. And the sun popped out for a bit.

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