July 16, 2019

            Today in the woods, I spent most of my time trying not to throw up. This weekend I had to take some time off work to fight what felt like was some kind of flu. I spent all Saturday resting in bed and trying to deal with my symptoms, and eventually had to drive myself to Urgent Care later that night. Me, being dramatic and hung up on all the mosquito bites I’ve gotten this summer, was sure I had West Nile Virus. The doctor said as much as that I definitely had some virus, and so she helped me treat my symptoms.

            Anyways, despite me not feeling great this morning, the woods still had a way of shining through and showing its greatness. After a refreshing rainstorm last night, the creek was finally a river again, rushing through the forest floor, making itself known to everything around it by its sounds of movement and surging. It reminded me of my first week here at the ecovillage—what those days sounded, looked, and felt like. The first week I was here, I was also sick, that time with a  sinus infection… funny how some things work out.

            As I stood on my tree above the river, I watched a little spider spinning a web out in front of me. He was working from the outside in, creating a large circular web. He circled along the edge of the web like the hands of a clock, slowly inching closer and closer to the center.

            My time in the woods today has shown me that everything in life has cycles. We, as people, have cycles… sometimes we’re healthy but sometimes we’re ill… sometimes we’re happy but sometimes we’re sad. Even the earth, the big grand earth, has cycles… sometimes there’s dry spells but sometimes the rain won’t stop… sometimes it’s a bright and sunny day but sometimes its a darkly covered night. Even down to the littlest critters we have cycles… today the spider spun round and round along his web, showcasing the cyclic and never-ending movement of time.

❊ Lauren Nicole Geiser ❊

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