June 11, 2019

            Today I walked North until the path I was following ended. A little wooden bridge transgressed what was left of the river so I walked across it and found a relatively open area, clearly influenced by previous human interaction. There were several little teepees or leaning huts composed of small logs and sticks. It was a calming place—an area where I felt welcomed. A tree about 8 inches in diameter had fallen over and was propped up by another still standing tree, forming a kind of balance beam. I climbed up onto it and stood, looking throughout the forest as from a new perspective in the upper canopy. It felt freeing. I stood on only my right foot for a time, and then stood on only my left foot, seeing how I could balance. As I kept doing so, it got easier. I walked back and forth on the beam, trying not to rely on any support for balance. Again, as I kept doing so it got easier.

            Balance is something I have always struggled with—not so much in the physical sense but rather the personal and emotional sense. However, from my experience today I am inclined to think that the more I deliberately practice balance, the easier it will get.

            Throughout this summer I intend to return to this little area frequently to work on my balance, whether it be standing on one foot for minutes at a time or balancing my way across the tree with no support. However, I believe this will also help me to reflect on my personal and emotional landmarks throughout my life, and my daily encounters. Nothing gets better if you don’t work on it, so here is my chance to work on it.

Lauren Nicole Geiser

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