Sometimes it is hard to realize that you are not the first, and will not be the last, presence in an area. I began my morning trying to think about too many things. My mind was a whirlwind, but that whirlwind slowly died down to a gentle breeze that calmed my mind. Even with a calm mind, I couldn’t focus. I felt there were things around me that I was missing, so I started walking upstream. I came upon a house of stones, the origin was unknown to me until Jim told me it was his grandson. This structure has stood through the test of time for around three weeks now, battling the wind and rain and the rise and fall of the stream. I was not the only one who saw this stone creation, natural in its material but unnatural in its arrangement. I know I wasn’t the only one to see this, because of the raccoon and deer tracks making their way opposite of my current upstream direction. My next discovery was a spot along the stream that was void of any visible water, no standing puddles or flows coming over the surrounding rocks. Above and below this area I could find water, but none in the middle. However, the ground was saturated. There had been water here before, but it wasn’t making itself seen to me. Still flowing through subterranean ways, it’s presence was known only through my inference. Life comes before, and will remain after. Before I made my way into the woods this morning, there was life. There was a creative mind building a house of stone, animals following their natural source of life, and even water itself that was there, is currently gone, but will soon make its way back into the view of the over-worldly life. I was not the only presence in the woods this morning, There were others with me, there with others before me, and others will come after me. The cycle continues with my presence or without, and will continue into eternity.

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