IN THE WOODS. It is good to be in the woods again with others, sensing this amazing place together.
The idea that we are the woods when we go into it. We are the woods as much as the plants, the water flowing through it, the other animals that surround us. We are the woods. We have the honor of being the woods conscious of itself. It felt good sensing the energy and presence of other humans also being the woods and conscious of the woods.
As I listened, I sensed a wisdom sharing with me – the tree I was under, the ecosystem around me. I am not sure, but am sure of a message. The ecovillage decided to sale Common Roots. We have set up a coop that is offering to buy it and use it as a way to share our Earth Connection and a love for Earth. There is another person who wants to buy it for a restaurant. It has been a stress point for me. The message I received was that would be a good way to do that, but there are many ways. If this one doesn’t work out, than the opportunity will be there to focus on other ways. My book on the Ecovillage is one of the things that came to mind.

It was hard this morning to end the time being the woods.

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