I find solace in the fact that the Earth still allows me to bathe in the cleansing waters of herself. A couple of slips led me to cover my legs in mud, but that was just a minor setback to the beautiful morning. Upon reaching the stream, I took a stroll downwards and found the perfect spot to sit and cleanse my legs. The earth should be allowed to return to the Earth after all. Just above that perfect cleansing rock was the perfect laying rock. Upon my back, I was able to listen to the stream running beneath me and see the canopy above. The birds surrounding me welcomed me into their home, and I, too, found myself at home. The sounds of the forest, the birds and stream, the wind rustling leaves or a squirrel doing the same. All of it clears my mind of the noise that comes from the stressors of life. Nature doesn’t come to rely on me, as so many things in my life do. This is both a scary and very relaxing thought. I can’t control what goes on outside, but I can allow myself to be part of it. There is nothing here, in the forest or my life, that is threatening my well-being. If I lose control for one moment, I can still relax knowing that the ride will not lead me into peril. The flow will keep flowing, so I might as well go with it.

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