Last night we showed a Meet Up group focused on Intentional Communities for our ecovillage.  We talked about many aspects of the ecovillage including housing.  We invited them to move to our ecovillage, of course, but encouraged them, even more, to start an ecovillage in their own neighborhood.  It takes three or four families, interested in setting up a retrofit (using an existing neighborhood), to start an urban ecovillage.  It can be people who already live there, or new people can move to your street who would like to set up an ecovillage with you.  With 90% of attempts at setting up intentional communities failing, primarily because of the great amount of work that needs to be done to start a community literally from scratch, to start in an existing neighborhood overrides some of the issues that  bring attempts at creating an intentional community to a halt. The ecovillage in a retrofit neighborhood can begin immediately. While we tout our houses in the ecovillage (there aren’t a lot available, but are some), we greatly support people setting one up in their own neighborhood, and we offer to help out however we can.


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